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Automotive Rubber Butyl Sealing Tape Chicken Plucker Rubber
Crumb Rubber Vacuum Suction Cups Baby Extractor Rubber Placemat | Household Rubber
Pocket Hand Sanitizer O ring Rubber Rubber Seal
Audio Video Rubber Rubber Bearing Pad Rubber Bellows
Rubber Compound Rubber Damper Diaphragm Rubber
Ebonite Rubber

Rubber Expansion Joint

Rubber Extrusion
Animal Mat | Farm Mat Rubber Fender | Marine Fender | Dock Fender Rubber Floor Mat and Stepping Stone
Rubber feet | Furniture pads Rubber Gasket Wiper Blade
Rubber Lining Rubber Automotive Rubber Shoe Soles | Rubber Outsole
Rubber speed bump Rubber Applications on Sport Tools Wheel Chock
Wristband | Rubber Band Silicone Baby Teether Silicone Tubes

Santo Rubber is located in Jakarta, Indonesia, was established at 1994 with initial purpose to market a good quality rubber compound which can be produced / formed based on client's requirement.

Now, Santo Rubber produce many kinds of
rubber products, even almost all compound rubber types can be produced to fulfill industries or users requirements of rubber for local Indonesia rubber market or global rubber market.

Santo Rubber is willing to become your value partner with continual effort to improve product quality and service to the clients by focusing on
rubber product processing which strictly comply with our rubber production standard. We offer very competitive price and good quality to satisfy the clients.


Santo Rubber design, develop, produce any kind of
rubber molded products and also rubber compound for industries. Materials used can be natural rubber or synthetic rubber include custom fluorocarbon (viton) for special application. With quite good experience, result of rubber product can be fitted to any client's needs.


By looking at rubber prospect and many kinds of rubber requirements in many industries, Santo Rubber try to fulfill a broad range rubber product types. This will provide proper solution to related industries, such as mechanical / electronic devices manufacturer, food and pharmacies, hydraulic and pneumatic, sanitation arrangement of thermal and air, semi conductor, construction, include rubber souvenir for promotion, etc.  




Santo Rubber will always put the efforts on resources that can increase the quality and development of our products. We do understand the importance of good response. Late delivery can give bad effect i.e. slowing down client’s process manufacturing and stock disruption. 

Some examples of rubber products are shown above. Stocks will be available based on your order. Please  contact Santo Rubber for further information related to your rubber product inquiries.