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Pocket Hand Sanitizer 


Pocket hand sanitizer is a bag or container that can assist you in bringing your hand sanitizer. As an aid to easy in use. Hand sanitizer you can hang your bag, pants, cars, motorcycles, even a place where you can easily reach. One of the material that can be used to create a pocket hand sanitizer is a silicone rubber handle. Examples can be seen the following figure.

Hand sanitizer handle Pocket hand sanitizer

You certainly want you hands are always clean at all times, and we certainly want our hand clean in the moments before and after eating or also after doing an activity that can make our hands dirty and a lot of germ or bacteria that stick in your hand and make your feel sticky. 

You can clean your hands dirty by using tissue, wet tissue, and hand sanitizer. But you often trouble in finding hand sanitizer in the bag or in the box where you store your stuff, because it forms a mini hand sanitizer or small. And also for some people who are forgetful, often tissue or small towel that you usually carry left or even disappear when need it. And, to prevent loss and difficulty in finding your hand sanitizer, pocket hand sanitizer is the solution.  

With container hand sanitizer you can bring and reach your hand sanitizer easily by hanging it in the right places that you can reach easily. There are various types of hangers and shape pocket hand sanitizer with rubber materials. Pocket hand sanitizer can also be your bag accessories with interesting forms and shapes that you like of course and according to your need. You can order pocket hand sanitizer to us in accordance with the shape and size that you need.  



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